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I’m Olympia. A writer, a multipassionate entrepreneur, a mentor and above all I’m here to help you be YOUR best version of yourself. Yes, I said your. I’ve spent years studying the human brain and how it ticks, but also what makes that pretty little brain of yours talk. With my degrees in Cognitive Neuroscience and Art History, I’m here to guide you through learning how to mindshift your mindset with my unique courses combining both brain and mind. So what now?

Start with a casual stroll through my YouTube videos, where I give you some perspective and some harsh truths that will help you see things in a different light. For you brave-hearted beautiful souls out there, ready to do the work and take the leap, join me in becoming an Imagineer where I will be giving you all the essential tools to engineer the life you imagine and want. Are you ready to become an Imagineer? Let’s start folks!!

Mindshift  Your  Mindset

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Do you find that you constantly compare yourself to others? Everyone seems happier, with more friends, more money, better careers and just a better damn life. Grab my 6 ways to UNDERWHELM when you’re OVERWHELMED at https://olympiasophie.com/#makeithappen. This video will teach you how to stop comparing yourself, why do we compare ourselves and how to stop comparing yourself to others, BUT most importantly it will show you how thoughts like ‘I’m not good enough’, bring out that compare and despair effect. If you learn how to stop comparing yourself to others and being jealous of pretty much EVERYTHING around you, you will also learn how to be happy with yourself and basically be yourself, flaws and all!!! So don’t focus on the I’m not good enough or even the how to be good enough, but how to be better at what you are comparing yourself to and the self-confidence will follow!!

Why Do You Need to Shift Your Mindset?

Harsh Truth Time: All these feelings you are expressing are completely valid, they are understandable, the world is brutal, cruel and many times just plain painful so it is completely normal to feel like this. I’ve ticked off all of the above and said or thought each and every one of them. BUT (big BUT here), your thoughts are not.

I’m sorry I’m calling BS, for one and one reason only. Let me introduce you to something called Neuroplasticity, it’s your brain’s ability to re-wire itself, to reprogram itself according to how YOU think, how YOU feel, how YOU respond to others around you. How freakin cool is that!!! You know what that means right?

No more excuses, because MIND over BRAIN, and not only mind over matter. You can create new neural pathways– basically how your brain communicates with itself and the outside word by changing your thoughts, how you respond to things and eventually your feelings. Simply put, it is NEVER to late and there is ALWAYS hope.

This is where I come in, I am here to help you learn how to mindshift your mindset, getting the life you imagine and want.


‘It’s too late for me to change’
‘There is no hope’
‘I am too damaged’
‘It’s not my fault, this was how I was raised’

Take Back Control

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Take My Mindshifting Course

What I’ve noticed from traveling around the globe and meeting people from all corners of the Earth is that MOST of the time, we take ourselves WAAAY too seriously. We forget to focus on what really matters, and when we do focus on things we put way more energy and attention than needed. The biggest tragedy being that when we knock on our brain door and ask “Dear brain, what really matters in my life?” Most of us don’t have a clear cut answer.
So HOW can you focus on what really matters, when you don’t even know what that is??! Well this is where my course comes in. This course will take you through all the self-indulging toxic behaviors that keep you back from focusing on what REALLY matters- overthinking, catastrophizing, anxiety and stress, setting boundaries, the musterbation filter (get your head out of the gutter and read that again) and the compare and despair effect.
You will soon realize that focusing on what matters is the easy part, it’s those destructive behaviors that prevent you from focusing on the important stuff that will be the hard part. Fear not though! I’m here to provide you with a lifetime of cleaning supplies that you can access every time you feel that things are getting a bit ‘messy’ up there.

Are You Ready

Your brave little brain is ready to be rewired, your gut is screaming with terror but also enthusiasm, you feel exhilarated for taking a decision that is JUST for YOU. But it’s time to feel the fear, feel the possibility that will make it possible to focus on what really matters.

This Course is Not…

An easy quick fix- I’m no fairy godmother and no matter how much fairy dust I blow in your face, the mindshift is up to you. You’re going to have to do the work. Most major shifts in life happen in baby steps. But you will be mindshifting your mindset without even realizing it!!

A one night stand- You do have life-time access to this course, but it’s not a once in a lifetime experience or lesson. It’s a constant life-time learning experience because I guarantee you, you will never go through this course and get the exact same result the second time, tenth time or fifth time. It’s something that you can go back to again and again, and each time you will get something different. You know why? Because your brain changes every second, every minute, every day. So how could you get the same result over and over again when your brain is constantly changing? Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and really related to one of the characters, thinking ‘Yeah this is so me’, but return to it after a few days, months or years and suddenly this other character pops out, and you’re thinking “Hmmm, yeah I felt that? Yeah I get that’, well my dear imagineers this is what this course is about.

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