Other Traditions

Because there is no such thing

as one tradition,

what will you do with your tooth?

If your tradition is not below, we would love to hear what you did with your first teeth. Please join all our other friends around the world and share with us your story. Olympia



Albania We throw the tooth on the roof of the house and hope that the new tooth will be strong- Dita


Andorra The children that lose their teeth, normally, they keep it under the pillow and when they wake up; they find a gift in its place. Maia



Argentina When we loose our teeth, we leave the teeth under the pillow  and the “RatonPerez” ( is a mouse) takes the teeth and leave money. Pilar

Most the children put their tooth in a glass of water for the mouse El Ratoncito. Virginia


Australia I put my tooth under the pillow ar night and waited for the fairy to bring me some money- Audrey








Belgium They have to put the teeth under their pillow. During the night a little mouse come to pick up the teeth and put some money instead of it. Michaël

Belize In Mestizo culture we believe that by throwing it on the roof, it will bring good luck in your life. Whilst other cultures believe  that if the tooth is placed under the pillow the >mouse will come and take it away and replace it with money. Zinnia


Bhutan The tradition is to have a child who has lost a tooth or two to throw the teeth on the roof of their house as an offering to the Moon goddess. She is supposed to grant them good, strong healthy new teeth. Sonam


Bonaire Its just like the Dutch (and maybe other countries), the child will put the teeth under his or her pillow and the next morning the teeth is exchanged by a coin (a quarter).Anne-Martin

Bosnia Herzegovina


Brazil I would throw it on the roof so it would become gold. Idejane

Brunei Darussalam


Burkina Faso

Burma (Myanmar)


Cambodia Usually, children throw them into the sky and ask fairies to give them new beautiful teeth. They believe that they will for them if they give the old one back. Chenda


Canada I give my tooth to the tooth fairy that comes in the night.She finds it under my pillow and brings me some money. Dan

Cape Verde

Central African Republic



China If it is my top tooth I bury it in the ground. If it is my boottom tooth I throw it into the air. Ding

Colombia In our country when children loose there front teeth they place the tooth under their pillow and during the night a small mouse called ‘raton perez’ takes the tooth and leaves some money in exchange. Laura

In my country we dip it into silver or gold and wear it as an earring. Angela



Costa Rica What children do when they loose their teeth is to put them under their pillow and …they say the mouse(El Raton Miguelito) is going to leave money for them. Ximena

Côte d'Ivoire


Cuba The tradition is that every time you have a baby tooth you leave it under your pillow so the little mice will leave you money under the pillow. Karen

Cyprus We throw our teeth on the roof of the house. Georgos

Czech Republic

Denmark I put my tooth under the pillow and wait for the fairy(Tante Feen)to take it and leave me money- Jacki


Dominica The cultural tradition for a child who loses his/her teeth would be to out it under their pillow And expect a dollar the morning after.  Deslyn

Dominican Republic When I was little we would put it under the pillow and wait for the tooth fairy, my best friend gave it to a mouse. Nigel


East Timor

Egypt We wrap our tooth in a cloth and throw it as high as we can to Ra (the sun god) saying “ shinny sun, shiiny sun, take this buffalo’s tooth and bring me a brides tooth.”Maya

El Salvador


Equatorial Guinea




Fiji put my tooth under the pillow at night and wait for the fairy to bring me a coin Shun


France The Petite Souris(little mouse)takes my tooth that I have left under my pillow when I go to sleep. In exchange I will get a present or money. Jean- Pierre

Gabon Gambia

The Republic Of Georgia

Germany We put our tooth under the pillow and wait for the fairy to bring me a present or money- Ilsa

I would put it under my pillow and in the night the fairy (die zahn fee) would take it and leave me a coin. It was strange though, I always found my teeth later in a match box or small drawer. Dorothea


Great Britain I would put it under my pillow at night and the tooth fairy would come when I was asleep and leave me a coin. Paula

Greece I throw my tooth onto the tiles of the roof of our house and say”I give you my old tooth so bring me a new one”. Athina

Greenland Personally when I lost my baby teeth I put them under my pillow when I went to sleep and the other day it was turned into a coin. Usually a 20 Danish Kroner coin. So this was done by the tooth fairy who collected baby teeth and in exchange gave money (coins) to the young ones.  Kim

Guam I put my tooth under the pillow for the tooth Fairy- Thomas


Guatemala When the kids lose their teeth here in Guatemala, they put the teeth below the pillow and wait till the mouse give him a Q5.00 five quetzal bill for their loose, and the teeth disappear Lizbeth





Honduras In the Caribbean coast of Honduras (Trujillo, La Ceiba) and in some other places of Western Honduras(Ocotepeque, Santa Rosa), when children loose their teeth, they throw it to the rooftop of their houses, and say "Ratoncito, Ratoncito, aqui te mando este viejito para que me traigas un nuevito". (Little Mouse, Little Mouse, here is my old one for you to get me a new one). The condition is that the tooth MUST land on the rooftop of your house. In some places, you have to throw it backwards, so it is complicated! But the mouse does bring a new one, works every time! Paola

In Honduras the tradition is the usual of putting it under the pillow and waiting for the mice to exchange it for money (Mice have big front teeth, you know, and this is where they get them, from the children "selling" their teeth to them.)Carias

In Honduras, when kids are losing their milk teeth and in order to grow healthy ones, the child say a rhyme like this:  "Ratoncito, ratoncito, tomá este dientecito y damo otro más más bonito" ("little mouse, little mouse, take my tooth along with you and give me another prettier")and then, he throws it on the roof. Alejandra


Iceland when you loose a tooth you put it under the pillow and then you find a coin under the pillow in the morning. Katrin



Iran I put it under my pillow and wait for the mouse. David


Ireland Children will generally leave the tooth under their pillow and get a gift of money from the tooth fairy.Josephine

The children in Ireland put their tooth under their pillow at night in anticipation of the tooth fairy taking it away. Normally as a gesture of good will and an incentive to look after the new tooth they are left some money. When they awake in the morning the tooth is gone and the money is in its place.Its a magical world that of a childs mind. Patricia

Israel Most of the people I met placed the tooth under their pillow at night and “expected” the tooth fairy to exchange it for a gift. Elinor

Italy I put it under the pillow and fairy came and gave me money. Amalia

I put my tooth under a glass cup that I turned upside down next to my bed. At night the little mouse (Topolino) came and took it and left me a coin. Katisousa


Japan If the lower teeth fall off, we throw them on the roof and if the upper teeth fall off, we throw them to the ground. Wakana

When the lower teeth falls out, children in Japan thows it up high.If it is upper teeth, they thow it down. Both for the wish of having a healthy and strong teeth. We do not have any particular thing for the front teeth, just upper and lower. Ayumi



Kenya I throw my tooth on the roof of my house and ask my grandmother to give me a good tooth in return. Njeri


North Korea We throw it on the roof or in the air and a black bird comes and takes it. Jun

South Korea I stand on a balcony and sing this song that tells the birds that I’ll give them my old tooth in return for a new tooth. Then I close my eyes and throw my tooth into the air. Jenny




Laos When children lose their baby teeth we must throw it over the roof of the house with saying " Oh rat get back your teeth and give me mine"  and then the children will have new teeth very soon.Amphay


Lebanon The tooth goes under the pillow and the tooth fairy brings you money few 1000LL to 5000LL – ( these days the kids get more than the 25 cents we used to get!).Mary

Mom and child take the lost tooth to a full garden and you throw the tooth into the garden and say a prayer asking for a new tooth to come to you in return. Mary

They do put the teeth under the pillow and at night the mouse take the tooth and put instead money, the child wakes up in the morning and will find the money. The child puts his tooth in his hand and throw it behind his back and says:Bird bird, take the tooth of the donkey and give me instead a gazel tooth. MOT

Lesotho They throw the tooth onto the roof of their huts (“rondavels”) and a lizard brings them a new one. Masetsoan







Madagascar When Malagasy  children lose their front teeth , they throw the teeth on the roof of their house or on their  neighbour's  and at the same time they say " here is my bad teeth , I want a good one  " . Nivo

In the Betsileo and Merina tribes, when the tooth falls out, then we through it on the roof of the house and say the same time "this is a bad tooth and replace it with a good one". Then we used to put honey on the ginviva. Faly





MaltaThe only thing our children do when they lose a tooth is for them to put it under their pillow and during the night the tooth fairy comes along and takes the tooth and replaces it with some money. However, I do not think this custom is Maltese. I think we inherited this tradition from when Malta was occupied by the British. Rita

Marshall Islands



Mexico We leave our tooth under the pillow or in a box for the mouse El Raton. Miguel




Mongolia Nomads children give their felt front teeth rolled in the sheep fat to their dogs and say: Please, take my first soft teeth and give me back the very firm good teeth. Because dogs have very good teeth and they can eat bones with them. But in city, city children don'thave dogs, so they roll their teeth in fat and put it into the ground near the big tree and they say: Please, take my teeth and let my new teeth to grow as fast and to have strong root as you have. O.N








The Netherlands

New ZealandThe general custom is when a tooth falls out when you're a kid, you put it under your pillow and the 'tooth fairy' sneak in while you're sleeping, takes the tooth and leaves you money.Jodee



Nigeria We draw seven circles in a straight line on the ground. You then must dance in each circle. If you dance well, the tooth will come in straight. If you dance badly they will be all crooked. Edu

I hold the tooth in my hand with six stones so it will make seven. Then I close my eyes and say my name out loud, count to seven and throw them in the air, saying “I want my tooth back”. Zuri


Northern Ireland


Pakistan I wrap my tooth in a piece of cotton or cloth and bury it in the garden or throw it into the river. Mohamed


Palestinian State*


Papua New Guinea



The Philippines I take my tooth to the nearest river and throw it in and make a wish for a new tooth. Jennifer

I bury it in the ground and if I can find it next year, I get to make another wish. Rowena




RomaniaAnd what they do is: throw the tooth over the roof of the house, saying: " crow, crow  take this iron tooth and bring me a steel one". Maria

The tooth is washed in water and, after that, it is thrown over the house roof. The superstition consists in the conviction that, in this way, another tooth (a “steel” one, this time) will grow in its place.The child might say the following magical words: “You crow! Take a bone tooth, and give me a steel one in return”. The message is addressed to a crow (a bird or an animal, usually) who is supposed to embody a mythical being/an old spirit.Simona

Russia I drop my tooth down the hole where the mouse lives or throw it in the corner so I will get a new strong tooth.- Magda


St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Lucia

St. Vincent & The Grenadines


San Marino

São Tomé & Príncipe

Saudi Arabia



Serbia Because my village is very snowy I would take my tooth and give it to a very black dog asking him to give me a new white tooth. Alexandra

Seychelles The tradition is to throw it on the roof!! Derek

Sierra Leone



Slovenia In Slovenia, children are told, that a Toothmouse (in Slovene "Zobna miška") collects baby teeth. Children must place them under their pillows when they go to bed in the evening and in the morning, they can find different presents instead of the tooth. Presents vary from sweets and smaller toys to toothbrushes and small amounts of money.Blaž

Solomon Islands

Somalia I throw it into the chicken coup and Ii will get a new tooth- Yasmine

South Africa I would put my tooth in my slippers under my bed. At night the mouse would come and take it and bring me money- Michael

Spain We put the tooth under the pillow so the mouse(El Raton) can come and get it and leave some money to thank me. Carla

Sri Lanka As far as I know the first front tooth is thrown into the roof of their house with a wish…’.May I get strong milky white teeth thereafter ’. Some people treasure it for remembrance. As a matter of fact the tooth relic of Lord Buddha is found at the sacred Dalada tooth temple in Kandy. Tony

Sudan My sister's tooth just fell out so I asked my dad about the Sudanese tradition. He said that they throw the tooth at the sun and say in Arabic, "Take this donkey's tooth and replace it with a beautiful gazelle's tooth." Romaytha


Swaziland In Mbabane, we use to put the tooth in our shoes overnight and in the morning you will find some sweets. Thokozani

Sweden In Sweden children put the tooth into a glass filled with water and during the night comes the tooth fairy and replaces the tooth with a coin.Tanja



Taiwan We usually ask a kid to hide it under the pillow and the new tooth will come out soon.Ming


Tanzania The tooth is thrown over the roof (some facing forward, others backwards) saying "Dear crow, take this your bad tooth and give me a good white one." Lena

Thailand Thai people believe that when Thai's children were lost baby teeth. They will throw up on the roof for losing upper teeth and bury for lower teeth


Tonga Normally, young children are told to go and throw the tooth up to the roof of their house which was usually made of thatched coconut leaves and ask Hina (a Tongan beauty) to take away the bad tooth and give them a good tooth. Kalala

Trinidad & Tobago


Turkey I would throw my tooth onto the tiles of the roof of our house and say”I give you my old tooth so bring me a new one”. Mustafa




Ukraine I put my tooth in a tissue and throw it in a corner where there is no light saying… “Take my old tooth and give me a new one” Karin

United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

When children lose their teeth they put them under their pillow at night and when they go to sleep the tooth fairy comes in to their room and takes the teeth and leaves them some money under their pillow. Andrea

United StatesI put my tooth under my pillow before bedtime; and when I woke up I discovered that it had been replaced by a coin.Bob






Western Sahara*