Introducing the Mindshift Your Mindset Course

Your brainhacking toolset to identify destructive behaviours, understand where they came from, and break that pattern.

Understand Your Mind, Your Behaviour and
Why Your Brain Perpetuates Negative Patterns

I’m Olympia. A writer, a multipassionate entrepreneur, a mentor and above all I’m here to help you be YOUR best version of yourself. Yes, I said your. I’ve spent years studying the human brain and how it ticks, but also what makes that pretty little brain of yours talk. With my degrees in Cognitive Neuroscience and Art History, I’m here to guide you through learning how to mindshift your mindset with my unique courses combining both brain and mind. So what now?

IT’S TIME!! It’s time for you to unpack that emotional baggage and use
my first class ticket to check into your journey to resolve what seems like the impossible.

Self Improvement is Not Easy…

What you are trying to do, what you are about to do is very hard, I get it, and it is overwhelming. I know this, because I too have felt that way. You may be unique, but you are not alone. However, the fact that you are willing to embark on this journey makes you stronger than you think. My goal is to help you gain solid solutions, by giving you the harsh truth, but also the essential tools to engineer the life you imagine and want, hence becoming an official Imagineer. What I want to give you is something that you can use for the rest of your lives and not just some quick fix. So let’s re-pack that emotional baggage and check into first class!!

You Are Not Alone

This Course is For You if You Feel:

•    Overwhelmed with everything around you

•    Your thoughts are going a million miles per hour

•    You can’t concentrate cause everything feels too much

•    Lost in thoughts but don’t know how to act

•    Move forward and leave all these thoughts behind


Come join me and get a lifetime access of Imagineer worksheets,
yours truly of course guiding you throughout the process and get that insufferable
weight lifted from that tired chest of yours!

What Can You Expect To Find in This Course


Are you ready to give your mind a freakin rest? Overthinking is just a brain fart, we all do it, we hate to admit it, especially if we are chronic overthinkers, we don’t want others to notice it as we play it cool, and once we think we are done overthinking a situation, the next fart comes along. Okay enough with the bowel movement analogy. 

This course is for you if you want to learn how to use your overthinking superpower to your advantage and even how to stop overthinking in a destructive way. I will guide you through using all those multiple scenarios that beautiful brain of your is thinking and help you use them in a positive effective way, so your mind can get that well deserved rest.


Do you always think of the worst case scenario and overanalyze it to death? This course will teach you how to manage this and eventually overcome it. I will guide you through mindshifting your mindset into an effective catastrophizing mode. Even if you think that you cannot, I will show how to use this ability– your superpower (yes it can be positive thing), to your advantage. So are you ready to turn that worst case scenario into the best case scenario?


First of all read that again and get that pretty little mind of yours out of the gutter. Have you had that nudging sensation that you MUST do something and you SHOULD do something, because otherwise you are a bad person, or a selfish person, or even ungrateful to those who have done so much for you? This course will teach you how to pick your Yes’s and No’s, but most importantly how to eliminate that feeling of guilt every time you don’t do your ‘musts’.

Compare and Despair

Do you feel that you are despairing by comparing yourself with everyone around you? Do you compare your looks, your career, your family, romantic relationships or even your friends with everyone else’s? What if I told you this is completely normal, and that you can actually use your comparison superpower to get anything you want in life (well almost anything). This course is for you if you want to learn how to use this comparison superpower to your advantage and actually get what you want by effectively comparing yourself.

Setting Boundaries

Whether you feel your boundaries are being crossed or you have difficulty setting boundaries, this course will guide you on how to set boundaries, what you can do if they are being crossed, but most importantly how to keep them. It will help you with the feelings associated when your boundaries are crossed or when you set boundaries, such as anxiety, stress, guilt, fear of abandonment, fear of commitment and many more delightful feelings.

It will take you through controversial methods of what it means to have a flexible boundary or like a call it your BUBBLE. So let’s set those boundaries and get those healthy relationships with others and yourself that you deserve!!

Are You Ready

Your brave little brain is ready to be rewired, your gut is screaming with terror but also enthusiasm, you feel exhilarated for taking a decision that is JUST for YOU. But it’s time to feel the fear, feel the possibility that will make it possible to focus on what really matters.

This Course is Not…

An easy quick fix- I’m no fairy godmother and no matter how much fairy dust I blow in your face, the mindshift is up to you. You’re going to have to do the work. Most major shifts in life happen in baby steps. But you will be mindshifting your mindset without even realizing it!!

A one night stand- You do have life-time access to this course, but it’s not a once in a lifetime experience or lesson. It’s a constant life-time learning experience because I guarantee you, you will never go through this course and get the exact same result the second time, tenth time or fifth time. It’s something that you can go back to again and again, and each time you will get something different. You know why? Because your brain changes every second, every minute, every day. So how could you get the same result over and over again when your brain is constantly changing? Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and really related to one of the characters, thinking ‘Yeah this is so me’, but return to it after a few days, months or years and suddenly this other character pops out, and you’re thinking “Hmmm, yeah I felt that? Yeah I get that’, well my dear imagineers this is what this course is about.

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